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Now a Proud Mommy.. What a Week! November 26, 2011

Sunday/ November 20, 2011

This is it. We went to the hospital at around 8pm and got our room around 9pm. Just like checking in a hotel. Hehe!

My mom stayed with Pat and I through the night so she can prep me on what is about to happen. She is also worried about the procedure, being a mom and all, because she also went through a cesarean section for my youngest sister. We did not get much sleep that night due to anticipation and anxiety. I might have gotten 2 hours of sleep, tops.

Monday/ November 21, 2011

by 6am, I was already wide awake, if I slept at all. I can’t remember actually. A nurse went into my room and said they will now put the IV on me. My mom requested for a resident doctor to put the IV on me instead of the nurse just to make sure they hit the right vein. My mom is that paranoid, or overly protective, whatever you prefer. By 8:30AM a team of nurses are already present in my room to whisk me away to the delivery room. I said goodbye to my husband, my mom and two of my hubby’s very supportive friends. They all wished me luck and I know deep inside they are also whispering a prayer for a safe procedure, both for me and baby Eli.

While sitting on the wheel chair, they took me to the recovery room. They asked me to wait there as they prepare the operating room. My anesthesiologist came into the room to give me a little prep talk. She said she will be administering the epidural anesthesia and she had been in the field for 30 plus years now so there is nothing to worry about. I will feel some side effects of the anesthesia and the morphine, most likely itchiness after the operation and she assured me that it is quite normal.

After a few minutes, a nurse took me to the operating room and was asked to lie on the bed and just relax. I mean, I was about to be opened up for the first time and he tells me to relax like its the most common thing in the world. That’s hilarious! Anyway, I tried my best to relax. After a while, they asked me to lie on my side and curl into a ball so they can inject the anesthesia. In my mind I thought the pain would be comparable to the pain when they put the IV on me so I was not worried or scared. I was right, the pain was the same but the duration you have to endure the pain lasted much longer. I was not prepared for that. I thought it would be a prick but it was a prick times five. Mind you my pain tolerance is very low so this is a big deal for me.

After that, almost immediately, I felt my feet get heavy. They strapped both my hands on each side and they put a cloth in front of me so I cannot see the procedure. I thought I would be knocked down on a semi-conscious state; twilight as my mom put it, but I was actually wide awake. I can hear the doctors and nurses talking about their personal matters while they cut me. I was waiting for my son’s first cry. And when I did hear it I think I breathed a sigh of relief. He is safe.  The world is OK. I did not even mind what will happen next. The doctor asked me if I want to sleep now, being sleep deprived and assured that my son is alive and healthy, I accepted the offer with arms wide open, literally.

I awoke to the sound of the operating room still busy with doctors and nurses. I have no idea how many minutes or hours I was out. It seems to me I just blinked. But my doctors told me that everything went well and in just a few seconds I will be taken to the recovery room. I will soon find out that I was in the operating room for more than 2 hours because apparently, I was a bleeder. My OB almost requested blood transfusion on me.

I stayed in the recovery room for 3 hours wide awake. I thought I will be groggy and all after what my mother and mother-in-law told  me about their c-section experiences. It was a very long 3 hours. I felt all the post operation effects such as the chills, the numbness, the itch and the hunger. I can take the hunger but the thirst was too much. I have to think of happy thoughts just to stay sane. By 3pm I was ready to go to my room.

My tummy hurts like hell so I cannot really move but I was glad to see my husband waiting for me. I gave him a huge smile and assured him that I am alright. He said he already saw the baby and even got the chance to hold him for photo ops. He showed me the pictures and I was ecstatic. The pain went away for a while.

Tuesday/ November 22, 2011

It was a horrible night. I was hungry and thirsty but I cannot intake anything yet. My legs and hands are becoming sore because I cannot really move. I tried moving side to side during the entire night just to make my blood flow. I think I slept for 30 minutes during the whole night.

In the morning, they took away the catheter already. They are encouraging me to move for faster recovery. By lunch time, they asked me if I like to breastfeed. I thought of my son being hungry and that is all it took to give me the strength to sit up, go to my wheelchair, be taken to the nursing room and hold my child for breastfeeding for the first time. That afternoon, I was burning with fever. I think I pushed myself too much. Just in time for my family and Pat’s family to visit us. Thank God all it took was one paracetamol to get my temperature back to normal.

The nurse asked me if I want my child to room in with me. Of course! I would love that! They have so many infants in the nursery who has time to take care of my little prince there? Just give him to me.

Wednesday/ November 23, 2011

I was supposed to be discharged on Thursday but I am not comfortable in the hospital room anymore. I miss my bed, I do not like where my baby was sleeping, I miss my family and I miss real food. My family can take care of me at home better than the nurses in the hospital. In short, we went home at 9pm.

The days that follows…

I am still learning the ropes of being a full pledged mom. I am learning how to carry the baby (still sitting down because of the stitches), how to breastfeed properly, how to tell if my baby is hungry, how to burp him, how to give him a bath and how to change the diaper. The learning process is fun and easy thanks to the support of my family. I am blessed to have a support system. I hope all new mothers out there have the same to make life better. If this is the case, post partum depression will not be a problem for many.

I am recovering well. I can now stand straight without any support although I have to walk inch by inch still. I can breastfeed properly and for that I am thankful. Breastfeeding is still best for babies and I intend to give my son nothing but the best. Good luck to me and good luck to all new mothers out there! Let is take this journey together.


Playing Fair November 19, 2011

As it turned out, I will be having a cesarean section after all to deliver this growing little boy inside of me. He did not change position in the one week period he was given so a C-section it is. The baby seems happy with the outcome. He keeps on turning, kicking and punching me inside. When he gets out, my husband should experience his kicks and punches to be fair.

I posted a status on my Facebook telling my friends and family to pray for a successful operation. One friend of my hubby commented that after the delivery, they should get together and hang out, drink some beer in order to celebrate the occasion. I told him that Pat is not allowed to drink for he will be taking care of the baby. After the nine months, the vomiting, the heaviness, the mood swings, the body changes and the discomfort, why does he get to drink. I did all the work after all. It’s his turn to show his care for the baby.

I am not sour-graping here. I’m just stating mere facts… about fairness. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, I am excited to see my baby boy. Does he look like me or does he look like Pat? Either way for sure he is handsome 🙂 Parenthood here we come!


Baby’s Position November 18, 2011

Here is an update on the position of the baby: ???

Honestly, I do not know where the head is now. I can feel something bulky on my right side but I do not know if that is the head or that is the butt. I sure hope it’s the butt. My check-up is tomorrow so Baby Eli has less than 24 hours to position properly. I hope and pray for the best.

Today is not a very good day for me. I feel extra heavy. I cannot walk properly. I have to pee several times an hour. It is getting really uncomfortable. Maybe that means I will give birth soon. Also, my feet are so red and plump it looks like elephant legs. If I cross my legs in just a matter of seconds I will get cramps. I have to constantly ask favor from my husband to massage it every now and then.

My baby is having hiccups again just now. I can feel the constant thump under my belly button. Maybe that is where the head is. Fingers crossed!


On Eating Healthy November 17, 2011

I am not a sucker for healthy living; that is until I got pregnant. I was required to eat healthy for the baby.

I have a sweet tooth, a very sweet tooth… very sweet teeth more likely. I like everything sweet. I love my chocolates, ice cream, cakes, candies and pastries. Well, you get the picture. My OB told me to lay off eating sweets as much as possible so the baby will not get fat inside me so I can deliver him with ease. Also, it would be easier for me as well to shed off the pregnancy weight I am about to put on.

Here are the list of foods and drinks I am supposed to avoid:

1. Chocolates (too many calories)

2. Ice Cream (too sweet, too many calories)

3. Coffee (contains caffeine, which apparently sucks the Calcium out of my system)

4. Softdrinks (contains unsaturated fats and too many sugar)

5. Junkfoods (oily, salty, too many preservatives and gives me bad fats)

6. Guts, intestines and other animal organs

7. Anything raw except fruits and veggies (contains bacteria)

I am OK with not taking in sodas since I rarely drink those. I’m OK with not drinking coffee, I am not really a coffee lover although I am not going to lie, I miss drinking coffee a little. I think that is what deprivation does to my system. With the other items, I miss them already so bad! I want my egg semi-raw when cooked sunny side up. I want to eat my chocolates. There are new flavors of ice cream available now and I can’t wait to taste it! I miss eating sashimi!

I told Pat that by the time I delivered Eli into the world, he better prepare the biggest container of Ferrero Rocher and give it to me as a gift. Or any dark chocolate will do.


Staying Still November 16, 2011

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My doctor advised me to take a rest for the whole week. She told me to talk to my baby so he would spin around and be on the right position in time for labor. That means I cannot go into labor within the week until I see my doctor again. I cannot do strenuous work, I should lay off my walking exercises, I should not handle any stress. In short, I should just lay back, relax and stay still inside the house.

Last Monday, I went to SM. I had some toiletries to buy and I want to buy some snacks for myself. The next day, Tuesday, I went to SM again with Pat. We bought dog food and dog shampoo. We also paid for the electric bill. We ate lunch there and I tried my luck at Lotto.

Today, I told Pat I want to visit my new house and lots for sale to see it personally and take some photos. He looked at me maliciously and told me to stop going out. He reminded me about the doctor’s advice. Oh well, it’s worth the try.

When I have too much work, I stress myself out. I want to finish everything by 5pm so I can rest early. On the other end of the spectrum, If I have nothing to do, I get bored. If you will let me choose, I would rather do something than stay still and do nothing. I feel like a bum, an idiot, a worthless person if I do not accomplish anything throughout the day.

Have you heard of the Bible verse “Be still and know that I am God”? This is one of God’s commands that seems to be very easy to do. In reality, it is harder to do nothing than to take action. In taking action, you have the situation under your control. In being still and letting God take charge, you hand over total control to Him. This takes much faith.

So this week, I will try hard to be still. I will let go and let God. Whatever happens on Saturday, by faith I believe it is God’s will.


Getting there November 15, 2011

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Hi, I’m a first time mom and I am starting a blog just for fun and to have an outlet as to how I am doing and to all the roller coaster of emotions and activities I expect to have once my baby is born. When he is old enough to read and I am still eager enough to write, maybe he can read all my posts and learn from it. 🙂

So, according to my latest ultrasound, my Baby Eli is 36 weeks and 3 days in gestation. A few more days to go and I can safely deliver and welcome him into the world. It would have been a stress free pregnancy and delivery if I haven’t found out last Saturday that my baby is on a transverse position.

Baby Eli is lying horizontally on my belly. Two weeks ago, when I had my last check-up, he was on a head down position already. I guess he is as active as his father, letting us know that as soon as possible. So we have a little bit of a situation here. If on Saturday he is still lying in that position, I would have to schedule for a cesarean section because I cannot go into labor with him lying like that. He might get crushed during the contraction. If he is lying head down by Saturday, my husband said he will request my doctor to induce me so I can go into labor ASAP. He thinks the baby might turn again so he wants me to deliver the baby as soon as he corrects his position. Either way, I guess I’ll see you Eli next week.

When I started my pregnancy, I was constantly thinking about the labor and delivery process. It was my greatest fear to deliver the baby. I hate pain and labor pains are the worst! However, as time goes by and I feel my baby move, as I saw him during the ultrasounds, my fear of giving birth slowly disappears. My mother instinct takes over. I feel like I can go through whatever it is just as long as the baby is born safe. That is something new to me. I am not usually like that. I take pain seriously. I have warts on my face just because I cannot take the pain of the laser pricking on me.

My prayers are constant and becoming increasingly frequent. I know God does not mind me talking to him so often nowadays. He knows my fears and only He can comfort me. The main thing that gets me through my pregnancy is God’s promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I will hold on to that for the rest of my life.